What our clients said in 2019

 “Space Works Organizing, led by Carla Denker, is a fabulous work team. They are knowledgeable, strategic, and they work, nonstop (except for lunch), until the job is done to your satisfaction. I highly recommend them.” – Gail

“I hired Spaceworks to organize and set up for a garage sale. In addition to that they helped finish loose ends in packing to move a one-bedroom house and at the end of the job, took ALL unsold/getting rid of items to a great charity and dropped off e-waste to recycling center for me. I have recommended to multiple friends and plan to hire them again for organizing soon.” – Kara

“So happy with the work you do.” – Iris

“Thanks for your wizard help and thanks for the notes on the cleaner and storage tips. Its the least we can do for how AWESOME you guys are!” – Howie

“Thank you Carla and Marian so so much. My house feels 1000x better now that you were here.” – Jennifer

“The mechanical room looks amazing! We can’t wait to see what you will do with the rest of the spaces!” – Chet

What our clients said in 2018


“Thank you, Marian and the guys. I am very pleased and happy. I absolutely could not have done this myself! What was I thinking? And, you did an ‘A’ job.” – Toni

“Thank you for everything, Carla. You three gave me my house back. It’s amazing. I’m stealing one of your phrases too, “Just wait…everything will start to click into place.”  – Alixe

“YOU ARE MY HERO!!! Thank you soooo much.” – Vivian

“I returned all the excess today and came home roaming the house in disbelief with a huge smile!!! You two are magicians!” – Gwynne

“…roaming the house in disbelief with a huge smile!!! You two are magicians!” – Gwynne

“Jonathan was so impressed with the work you all did today and it certainly relieved my stress ALOT!” – Amy

“We love it! Both Stace and I are over the moon (Her exact words were, “I love it”)- the garage has gone from being something that bummed us out every time we we looked inside to something that makes us feel happy. Thank you!” – Paul

“Thank you Carla & Marian! All is better due to you!” – Valenta

“You and Marian are a great team and worth every penny.” – Alissa

“Thank you for the absolutely great work-I look forward to moving through the process.” – Nancy

“Thank you!!!!! You & Marian truly are the very very best! I arrived home late last night & was blown away by the work you did!!! You are both magic!” – Anoushka

“I so feel that you care and have the perfect temperament to do this for us and likely most of your clients… All the best to you always- you are doing ‘god’s work,’ if there is such a thing…I personally do not believe in ‘god,’ but if there WAS one, well, you’d be doing his or her work here…” – Marc

“It was awesome working with you guys! Thanks for bringing order to the chaos! We were actually able to locate all the holiday decor with ease this season.” – Carly

“You guys are incredible. Best money I’ve spent on my business yet. Efficiency and organization isn’t my strength and it’s taken me 40 years to figure out its better to outsource that skill.” – Andy

“So loving our new life!!!” – Mindy

What our clients said in 2017


“When we moved into our house, we never really unpacked the garage. We’d made a few attempts to shuffle things around but the big overhaul we needed seemed beyond our reach. The amount of “stuff” (both sentimental and not) was just overwhelming. Spaceworks came in with a simple plan that had us sorting our items and clearing out at lightning speed. Within 48 hours we had an organized, functional and tidy garage. It has become my favorite room in the house!” – Michael

“Spaceworks reorganized my basement storage, but in the process inspired me to change an entire floor of my house. They did an amazing job—not just organizing storage, but creating a way for us to access it and keep it tidy. In going through all of the items in storage, we found an old bed that we had been saving and are now using it for our 11 year old. We also found several cool pieces of furniture that we are using in the backyard. I love Carla’s motto of “use it until it wears out” because if it sits in storage, you’re never going to see it or use it. Thanks Spaceworks. You really did an amazing job!” – Stacy

“Thanks, Carla.  It was such a positive experience.  Thanks for helping me through”. – Ronni

“Thanks for your hard work! You are amazing!” – Roger

“Thanks much, I can’t even tell you how amazing it looks and feels, dreamy. Thanks for all, you guys are amazing and lovely to have around!” – Robbie

“House looks great!” – Mike

We LOVE it. You have made such an improvement in our quality of life. I’m in love with the kitchen rugs too. The kids have even been cleaning up after themselves of their own volition because they love the playroom so much”. – Kristen

“The patio looks amazing!” – Kara

What our clients said in 2016


“Thank you & your team for doing a top job at the house/office, looking forward to seeing you all for Phase 2.” – Anoushka

“Carla & her team have done & are doing an amazing job!” – Anoushka

“Amazing work Carla & your team! Thank you so much:)” – Anoushka

“Thanks so much Carla, for the update and great work! we are so happy:)” – Anoushka

“Thank you Carla, once again doing the best job.” – Anoushka

“Many, many thanks – as always, it would not have been possible without you.” – Mark

“Thank both of you for doing such a great job! Life-changing for me!” – Robin

“You guys are the best.” – Kara

What our clients said in 2015


“Spaceworks made getting organized and de-cluttered fun and easy,  for the customer, at least.  Their energy, skills and style — along with a few well-considered purchases — gave my apartment a fresh modern look and enabled me to continue procrastinating about moving for another five years!” – Dan

“Spaceworks has the brain & the brawn for any job. They used their sensitivity and style to help tune-up the interiors of my Neutra house and Gregory Ain office then used their super-strength and clutter fighting powers to sort out my warehouse and basement. The before and after is like night and day! They clean-up your box by thinking outside of it. You’re in good hands when you use Spaceworks.” – Eli

‘The apartment looks fantastic. Thank you and Marian both for “dialing it in!”‘ – Dan

“Hi! Thanks for all the great work yesterday. Space seems to be working today. Sitting upstairs, very bare up here! Nice!” – Lisa

What our clients said in 2014


“Hi Carla, Wow, you certainly did get a lot done today.  I am so pleased.” – Janet

“Thank you Carla, you are so efficient.” – Janet

“Hi Carla, You are marvelous and I am sooooo happy!” – Janet